Hello Fresh Visions Family and Friends!

I am sending this message to you to hopefully clear up any confusion as we head into the weekend (Nov. 1).

We are aware of the Governor's new mitigation strategy for Springfield and you may be asking how does that affect us as a church?

The new mitigation strategy does not require us to change how we are conducting worship in our building at this time. We will continue to conduct temperature checks at the entrance, face covering is required, seats for individuals & families are properly spaced in the sanctuary with limited number of available total seats.

Currently we have 75 seats appropriately spaced in the sanctuary. We have been averaging between 50-60 attendees on Sundays. Again, this is within the new mitigation plan for the seating size of our sanctuary. Should we begin to see the number of attendees reach the near 75 mark on a consistent basis, we plan to begin a regular 2nd service.

We are encouraging each person to be respectful when greeting others, remembering safety is the top priority as we realize the COVID pandemic is still a real issue. For this reason, friendly hugs, hand shaking and the likes are discouraged.

Let's all do our part to make our "in-the-building" worship a safe and joyful worship experience.

We will also continue to minister through Facebook Live and we are thankful for those who join us in worship this way on a regular basis.

With much gratitude and we look forward to seeing you in person or on Facebook Live!

Roy Newman, Senior Pastor

Pastor Roy Newman